August 12, 2019


Dishammer - the devil's advocates/outlaw psychopath
Sekkusu - possessed by death/100 story kaidankai
Napalm Raid - endless walls
Sights of War - they wage war/la haine/hounds of war/atomic blast beat/distress
Mayak - trenches
Black Tomb - under the pine
Shepherds Crook - hand of fate
Crawler - the conclusion
Myrkul - the drifting ash
Svarthymn - death worship
Storm of Sedition - when the clock stops
The Sleer - we are the sleer
Sertraline - shade

August 5, 2019

Encore broadcast of the June 10, 2019 show.


July 29, 2019


Crawler - the burning trees/cold moldy bones
Gnolder - the strength of men
The Occult - dogs of war/necropolis/the eternal city
Sertraline - the knowledge of trees
Scars from a dead Room - a blind eye
Storm of Sedition - red laughter/vanguard messiah/howl of dynamite
Silence Thereafter - this world of lies
Bloodlust - rite of the goat
Chalice of Blood - shimmering
Coffins - depraved from within
Infect Propaganda - to extinction/wrath of disposal
The Sleer - the water

July 22, 2019


The Occult - crown for rats
Sculpted Horror - worship of the dead
Saudade - pg. 1/bow towards me
Erythrite Throne - forgotten mysticism of the ancient forest
Tomb Mold - the moulting/vehement indulgences/feed them hate
Amiensus - mouth of the abyss
Oak Pantheon - from a whisper
Ahab - below the sun
Shepherds Crook - strange days
Epitaphe - smouldering darkness

July 15, 2019

Skuz - scythe bearer
Hate - the seventh manvantara
Arctos - nihil
Burden of Ymir - when the cold of niflheim lays frost upon root/
     leaving the fields of of midgard behind/helheim sends a host in greeting/
     a flicker of muspelheim
Aitvaras - in times of war
Surgat - burial
Devilz by Definition - dehumanizer
The Occult - bonfires of vanity
Sculpted Horror - cursed flesh
Darkthrone - old star
Crowned in Glory - the devouring darkness
Sekkusu - unite the tribes
Ligaeder - rettergang
Dopethrone - shot down
Fall of Efrafa - a soul to bare
Spectral Wound - under a purple moon
Epitaphe - embers
Beetlegork - at the gates of the space wizard

July 8, 2019

Beetlegork - ascension/EMAC
The Occult - manifest of degradation
Grand Harvest - as the vultures descend
Nebelreissen - moor
Hate - the volga's veins
Surgat - calf of the sun
Aitvaras - coming from the abyss
Epitaphe - downward stream
Crowned in Glory - and from his mouth flowed a river of death
Sculpted Horror - bonewalker
Sekkusu - psywarfare
Ghoulunatics - move along
Abyss - the final blood bath/purity negation/unburied
Dark Circles - in articulo mortis/mass grave/shadows/sunsetter
Hell is Other people - degrade