Steve 'Thee Slayer Hippy' Hanford RIP

Sad news to report. Thee Slayer Hippy has apparently died today of a massive heart attack. He was the drummer of one of my all-time favourite hardcore bands, Poison Idea, and had recently joined another long time favourite, The Accused (AD). Fuck.

May 11, 2020

CJAM has closed it's doors due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 
Encore presentations will continue to air until further notice.


Grotesque - 13 bells of doom/blood runs from the altar
Gadget - dedication
Hellshock - night terrors
Paintbox - flame
Tragedy - a call to arms
Saudade - saudade
Aura Noir - to wear the mark
Wolfbrigade - lucid monomania
Memoriam - corrupted system
Nails - savage intolerance
Uncle Ray - powerviolence alliance/root/disfigured/webs/delusion
Blank Wall - can't stop
Iskra - illegal
Abyss - accursed followers
Marusya - exodium
Avskum - fight back capitalism
Asta Kask - den enes brod
Funeral Oration - world needs changing
No Fun At All - vision
Urgehal - thy daemon incarnate
Immolation - into everlasting fire
Withered - withdraw

May 4, 2020

Encore broadcast of the May 27, 2019 show.


Bloodlust - rite of the goat
Ligaeder - fra ore til ore
Dark Plague - apogee
Full of Hell - aria of jeweled tears/downward/armory of obsidian glass
Roth - distorted reflection
Jotnarr - jersey devil/hermit
Vogrib - sekirka
Wykan - breo-saighead (triple goddess)
Myrkul - gallery of screaming faces
Speed Kobra - sick world
Angel Grinder - shades of malice/the ocean
Longhouse - vanishing
Horse Lung - riff wizard
Tvar - track 1

April 27, 2020

Encore broadcast of the April 17, 2018 show.


Nachtterror - breathe of the world ablaze
Isenordal - orpheus's lament
Reckless Manslaughter - sadistic slaughter
Storm of Sedition - natural chaos/shackles
Iskra - ruins
Warsick - surrounded by death
Sort Regn - ulvevinter
Tristengrav - starlit grave
Elfsgedroch - een tombe van pracht en praal
Mortido - XXXVIII
Aquilus - unveil
Sigartyr - midwinter sacrifice
Akvan - IR 655
Axidance - i know the sky loves me
Dopethrone - riff dealer
Native - teeth/dreaming

April 20, 2020

Graveripper - the one reborn
Carnal Desecration - rites of the necromancer
Hostile - lorn
Sarcator - desolate visions
Necrocracy - where the sun is silent
Oxygen Destroyer - onslaught of the precambrian hordes/
     subsumed within the bowels of the perennial monstrosity
ITUS - question everything
Iskra - predator drone mq-1
Saccage - motorcrust
Deathbringer - fathered by the warhead/slums of slumber
NightVermin - weaver of forbidden plots
Procrastinate - faceless children
Hot Graves - perdition noose
Afgrund - kappratt at helvete
The Bloody Hell - last word
Iron Column - fortress of evil
Mudlark - throwing stones at the sky/medevacation
Mayhem - the freezing moon

April 13, 2020

Venomwolf - blood ritual/sacrifice (Bathory)
Heavens Fall - the void
Chepang - ghus-peti
Void Omnia - reminance of a ghost haunt
Ancient Reign - beyond a dark horizon
Bound in Human Flesh - the apocalypse
Thrawsunblat - i am the viator
Catuvolcus - impetus
Chaos Moon - echaton memoire I
Wolven Ancestry - the animistic awakening
BornBroken - the years of harsh truths and little lies
Eternal Alchemist - blood cathedral
Lonely Star - birth of a ghost
Disobedient - black light, i pray
Imperium - cities of the ancients