Playlist - September 18, 2018

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Tacheless - brassbound
Ansct - the faceless/patterns and dreamers
Patent - boites a mal/canne de lard/tableau de chasse/MDLMSG
Spectral Wound - woods from which the spirits once so loudly howled/
                             black satanic glamour
Frozen Dawn - cold souls
Mimorioum - princips tenebrarum
Mask of Morana - burnt offerings
Fetoinfetus - mortuary/let blood be shed
Aura Noir - condor
Axidance - their past was reflected in our hearts
Sargeist - a spell to awaken
Catuvolcus - impetus
Deadwood Lake - and we will float until the end
Darkthrone - stylized corpse

Playlist - September 11, 2018

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Spectral Wound - slaughter of the medusa
Arctos - dawn...sons of death
Cryopathy - death is all that is real
Foltrid - erlosung
Woe - hunter unholy
Vindland - orin kozh
Speedkobra - barricades
Void Omnia - listless
Uncle Ray - dark mind/bothered/always alone/
            self absorbed/empty/ i hate you/downer
Dopethrone - short dagger
Order of the Vulture - harvest of darkness
Shepherds Crook - uteselier
Misanthur - black clouds
Mortido - XXXIX
No Point in Living - impatience

Playlist - September 4, 2018

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Depravation - with dead eyes to see
Hussar - ritualistic castration of the feeble minded cowards
Endless Sigh - uterine sea
Bleeding Out - deep time/clean slate
Esgaroth - nostalgic dreams
Nachtlieder - malice come closer
Jugurtha - zeit
Pestilent Decay - heretic
Procrastinate - bygones
In Ruins - parasites
Scumpulse - broken reflection
Violence - worship at midnight
Wolfbeast Destroyer - there is no hope
Saccage - 666 grammes
Ape Vermin - witch-jive
Vetust - demonic war banners aloft
Abject Failure - entrenched in stone...
Postmuertos - evocacion de los muertos

Update - Aggressive Rock resumes live programming!

So strap yourself in, put on that neckbrace and turn it up!!!

Playlist - April 17, 2018

Nachtterror - breathe of the world ablaze
Isenordal - orpheus's lament
Reckless Manslaughter - sadistic slaughter
Storm of Sedition - natural chaos/shackles
Iskra - ruins
Warsick - surrounded by death
Sort Regn - ulvevinter
Tristengrav - starlit grave
Elfsgedroch - een tombe van pracht en praal
Mortido - XXXVIII
Aquilus - unveil
Sigartyr - midwinter sacrifice
Akvan - IR 655
Axidance - i know the sky loves me
Dopethrone - riff dealer
Native - teeth/dreaming

Playlist - April 10, 2018

Gost - possessor
Venomwolf - blood ritual/sacrifice (Bathory)
Heavens Fall - the void
Chepang - ghus-peti
Void Omnia - reminance of a ghost haunt
Ancient Reign - beyond a dark horizon
Bound in Human Flesh - the apocalypse
Thrawsunblat - i am the viator
Catuvolcus - impetus
Chaos Moon - echaton memoire I
Wolven Ancestry - the animistic awakening
BornBroken - the years of harsh truths and little lies
Eternal Alchemist - blood cathedral
Lomely Star - birth of a ghost
Disobedient - black light, i pray
Imperium - cities of the ancients