April 15, 2019


Drap - verkanseld
Artillery Breath - night terrors
Noisem - sensory overload
Nydeshka - remnants of the fall
Coffins - depraved from within
Slayer - piece by piece
Lik - ghoul
Dauden i Morke - revolution sathanas
Hellknife - final war
Killbite - discrimi-nation
The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles - human centipede
Tashme - SVSC (Discharge)
Soil of Ignorance - whirlwind demise/scream of distress/
     disarmed then ripped apart
No/Mas - V/IV
Patent - l'epopee de la matraque/publisac
Extreme Noise Terror - revenge
Abyss - blood urges/chalice of scum
Detainee - verminous skumm
Second to None - thelema
Evoken - in pestilence, burning
Fell Ruin - the climb

April 8, 2019


Mitochondrion - descent
Uncle Ray - miserable/perennial/root/webs/thief
Lik - le mort homme
Antropomorphia - requiem diabolica
Chalice of Blood - shimmering
Oshiego - incubus
Black Water Birth - repeat offender
Crud - alone in vain
Procrastinate - dyspnea
Totem Skin - at the forest's edge
Aoratos - dread spirit of the place
The Infernal Sea - tannis root
Akantha - the colossal crisis of anax
Scars from a Dead Room - a blind eye
Alaskan - sacrifice
Daemogog - cardiorifice
Entropia - dante
Wilt - autumn veil

April 1, 2019


Lik - serum 141
Procrastinate - dissect the inevitable hand/casual ignorance
Wind in His Hair - sequoia
Sights of War - the redeemer pt. 2/world at war/red tape (Circle Jerks)
     killing machine (Partisans)
Antropomorphia - cathedral ov tombs
Crud - catacombs
Waerteras - IV
Mayak - where i fall is where we'll meet
Noisem - ode to absolution
Aoratos - of harvest, scythe and sickle moon
Slaughter Strike - when the unspeakable is unchained
Dopethrone - legalize murder
Oak Pantheon - descend into winter
Our Dying World - liberation
Verlassen - karl denke
Scars from a Dead Room - la sorciere dans le miroir/the prophecy of doom

March 25, 2019


Llord - adtrita sententia
Waeteras - I
Amiensus - wolfhead's tree (Forefather)
Ethereal Darkness - forgotten shadows
Oak Pantheon - a gathering
Precipices - nous sommes le vide, nous sommes les ruines
Shabti - shrouded and veiled
Noisem - putrid decadence/filth & stye/eyes pried open
Sights of War - they wage war/la haine
Paroxysm - open wounds
Walking Corpse - trephine
Skingraft - menikmati/cataclysmic abyss/penal code 100A/
     inhabitants/sight unseen
Behind the Mask - untergang/glaube
Scolos - infinite recursion
In Ruins - parasites
Tenebrositas - toward the solemn realm of prophet's twilight
Goatsblood - drull
Rubezahl - of night and eternal cold

March 18, 2019

Noisem - constricted cognition/deplorable
Sights of War - breeding violence/miserable nihiliste/l'anthrophage/the statement
Kremlin - at war
Protector - unity, anthems and pandemonium
Abusor - abusor
Irrtum - 22

Killjoy from Necrophagia died one year ago today. 
Tonight we honour him and celebrate his life and legacy. RIP brother.

Necrophagia - embalmed yet I breathe/they dwell beneath/it lives in the woods/
     black blood vomitorium
Human Compost - reduced to human sludge
Rubezahl - through heart and lung
Dark Circles - sunsetter/collapse
Dirt - drowning
Satanic Genocide - undertaker/sinkhole
Shepherds Crook - outlaw speed king
Dead to a dying World - ...and are consumed by fire

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