December 9, 2019


Satyrnacht - reckoning
Haruspex Ritual  - III/he's turning blue (Carpathian Forest)
Sum of Fears - scum 2.0
Deathrot - slow death
Illithid - wretched abyss of self
Svneatr - trance
Napalm Raid - why?
Waingro - new colony/red death/bay area cult
Black Tomb - under the pine
Crud - alone in vain
Meth Drinker - black iron prison
Covered in Flies - storming the monastery
Storm of Sedition - deurbanize
Croc Noir - blaspheme
Nimrud - sarahu
Ape Vermin - astral drones

December 2, 2019


Patos - [Russian title]
Sum of Fears - superior/real fake/threat
Slaughter Strike - when the unspeakable is unchained
Plague Lord - there is only war
Deathrot - the unknown grave/grim reaper
Human Compost - reduced to human sludge
Cadaveric Lividity - essence of putresence
Uncle Ray - poison/huh?/miserable/searching/already dead
Night Vermin - my grave, a monument of pain
Demonsmoke - demonsmoke
Vazio - a besta interior
Revileathor - taedium vitae
Winds of Leng - monuments of agony
Cineastre - suche

November 25, 2019


Plague Lord - celestial tomb
Plaguewielder - coffin filled with dust
Chained to the Dead - beheaded by berryman/are you in the house alone?/
     a graveyard without corpses
Tomb Mold - blood mirror
Iskra - der enziege
Wolfbrigade - human beast/hunt the hunter
Saccage - acouphene funeraire
Detainee - cold walls/homunculus/drowned rat/total war/feelings of chronic
     lethargy/at their mercy/peshawar
Ensepulchre - desolation part II - from the midst of the stones of fire
Black Tomb - eyes at midnight
1914 - frozen in trenches/verdun
Reckless Manslaughter - funeralmaster [fucks up]/unleash the spirits of the
     fallen/tales of cremation

November 18, 2019


Wolven Ancestry - an animistic awakening
Chained to the Dead - the shunting
Dauden i Morke - revolution sathanas
Necronomicon - vox draconis
Ov Hollowness - hoarfrost
Wolfbrigade - nightmare of wolves/doomsday dominion
Saccage - le debaucheur/mort par la mort/la kermesse du charnier
Hellmouth - bloodstains (Agent Orange)
Cleric - lucifer triumphant/of twilight and of the grave/possessed in congress
Catuvolcus - impetus
Spirit of the Forest - ways toward release
Weirding - mountain

November 11, 2019


Bolt Thrower - war/remembrance
1914 - zeppelin raids/ottoman rise
Hail of Bullets - unsung heroes
Memoriam - war rages on
Sights of War - trenches/napalm nightmare/heavy artillery/the catharsis
Bolt Thrower - lest we forget
Storm of Sedition - eternal war
Wolfbrigade - the wolfman/hammer to the skull
Saccage - jugement/ivresse liberatrrice/aversion oecumenique
Cleric - all death unseeing
Downcross - reviving the ancient darkness
Venomwolf - buried alive (venom)

November 4, 2019

Cleric - maw of absolution
Wolfbrigade - narcissistic breed
Saccage - malsaint-roch/chaosphere
Vadiat - quarter moon chaos
Chained to the Dead - teddy tells me to kill
Black Canvas - death from the north
Downcross - where illusions sink in accausal fire
Born For Slaughter - as dawn turns black
War//Plague - disease
Ancst - patterns and dreamers
Centenary - malignant winds
The Occult - necropolis/the eternal city
Cryptopsy - detritus/the knife, the head and what remains
Bleeding Out - supression/stimulated by subservience
Devilish Art - call
Spectral Wound - feral gates of flesh
Sunlight's Bane - lanterns
ASOP - cap'n punk
Dopethrone - kingbilly kush