January 22, 2019

Tonight's Aggrock was an encore presentation of the January 23, 2018 show.


Absolutist - vile communion
Deathbringer - our bones pave the way
Karnon - tumulte
Nihilate - war fed
Hang Them All - 9
Dead Again - space basement
Burning Ghats - gastown piss/first hand lows
Thren - authority versus death
Goatsblood - leechbag
Dauden i Morke - revolution sathanas
Nydeshka - remnants of the fall
Scorned Deity - infernal depravity
Coffin Feeder - coffin ships
Centenary - ghastly graves
Isenblast - screams in cold silence
The Great Cold - eos
Vindland - skorneg du
Archivist - dreaming under
Axidance - the last cry of nature

Playlist - January 15, 2019


Extremist - [Russian title]
War//Plague - disease
Storm of Sedition - mountains of waste/prisoners of industry
Warsick - tormorrow/warhawk
Burning Ghats - at the cost of an animal(drop dead)/less sunlight/suburban daydreams
Grafjammer - het rottende schompes
Elfsgedroch - een tombe van pracht en praal
Ermengrond - by fang and claw
Lubbert Das - de honger
Vile Retribution - burdened by faith
Archon - witch's grave/in darkest dungeons
Wardra - ancestor of the new world

Playlist - January 8, 2019


Mayak - ancients arise
Doler - samhach
Morke - reveries of the dark
Drugoth - mabrotnog
Croc Noir - dans l'abime
Dawn Ray'd - at the still point
Damage Control - burn the book
Twin Rivals - the reckoning/hell's coming/the changing tides/jackknife
Born Without Hope - ruthless
Reliever - scale
Shepherds Crook - knock on wood
And Now the Owls are Smiling - ignis fatuus
Unkind - taas naita paivia
Nattmara - the sanctity of nature
Wulfaz - doden ved hedeby
Acathexis - stillborn//isolate

January 1, 2019

No Aggrock tonight - Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

December 25, 2018


Tonight's Aggrock was an encore broadcast of the December 12, 2017 show.

Giuda - avvoltoi nel silenzio
Saccage - 666 grammes
Eclipse Eternal - through the eyes of carrion
Immortal Bird - neoplastic
Endling - exaltations towards negation
Storm of Sedition - fire to the prisons/black death
Genocide Superstars - the new storm
Gadget - i don't need you/dead and gone
Nuke - nuke me baby
Ringworm - snake church
SNAFU - death trip
Sunlight's Bane - from heaven wept
Soil of Ignorance - flesh ulceration/truth be told/final plague stench/
                               no compromise/diarmed then ripped apart
Human Host Body - disruption of the power process in modern society
Doom - symptom of the universe/multinationals
Bathory - of doom
Sadus - number one/hands of fate
Abusor - thrash is death
Hellknife - die by the knife
Integrity - serpent of the crossroads

Playlist - December 18, 2018

Tonight's show highlighted some of my favourite releases from 2018.

Rank and Vile - chameleon bastard/subterranean hell/branded at birth
Violence - worship at midnight
Rampant - vexed/enfetter
Dodsrit - endless circle
Cloud Rat - dull bulb/eraser
Spectral Wound - feral gates of flesh
Detainee - homunculus/drowned rat/total war/feelings of chronic lethargy
Patent - boites a mal/canne de lard/tableau de chasse/MDLMSG
Tomb Mold - cerulean salvation
Altars of Grief - iris
War//Plague - delirium
Rote Kiefer - andere jahre, andere haare
Dead End - blinded
Buio - abraccio le tenebre
Dopethrone - kingbilly kush/miserabilist